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Welcome to the future of hitting instruction.  The recent talk in professional and college baseball is around launch angle, exit velocity, and other Metrics; but what does that mean?  How do you know what are the correct numbers?  How do we measure it when we are training?  What if I told you we could not only measure all of your hitting metrics, but interpret them for your specific hitting style and help you make the adjustments you need.  At Cove Sports Academy we combine a state of the art hitting simulator with Coach Gatti’s (and his trainers) proven hitting method. We call the combination of these two powerful hitting tools BLAST (BALLISTIC ADVANCED SWING TECHNOLOGY).  Coach Gatti has been on the cutting edge of hitting for Long Island for more than two decades.  His methodology is similar to what MLB and college coaches are currently teaching.  For more information about Coach Gatti and his thoughts on hitting, see a recent article in Axcess Baseball by clicking his picture to the right.  Then look below at a video of what our BLAST (through HitTrax and other technology) system can do for you.

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What Is Launch Angle?  

Per MLB: Launch Angle represents the vertical angle at which the ball leaves a player’s bat after being struck. Average Launch Angle (aLA) is calculated by dividing the sum of all Launch Angles by all Batted Ball Events.

Why Cove Hitting Metrics Membership?

Individual Lesson Membership

  • Through use of our hitting sensors, we are able to pin point your personal “sweet spot” launch angle that works for you!!
  • We will measure your batting average, hard hit ball average and slugging percentage as it relates to your launch angle and ball exit velocity
  • We create a personal profile that measures and tracks improvement on all metrics Receive a video analysis of your swing as a baseline for future instruction
  • We will email your profile to coaches or third parties upon request to view all analytics
  • $225 yearly membership for 12U and up
  • $125 yearly membership for 11U and younger

Why Cove BLAST Membership?

  • Add hitting analytics to your team workout by one of our Certified Cove trainers
  • Hitting Metrics will include ball exit velocity, launch angle, hit vs out on every swing
  • Enjoy the gaming mode of the Hit Trax System during your training sessions
  • Teams can play a 4 inning game 2 v 2 as a station rotation
  • Kids will love it and add to a game pressure situation station during your winter workout
  • 6 week minimum - Call for pricing

Why HitTrax League?

  • Test your skills in a fun environment vs other teams/organizations
  • 10 game (5 week) schedule plus Championship Game for top 2 teams
  • DH night (one hour total time) x 5 weeks. Your night remains to be determined.
  • League covered in social media
  • T-Shirts to Champs
  • 3-5 players per roster
  • Watch our event's tab for upcoming leagues


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